SEFFILLER® treatment

SEFFILLER® is a medical treatment in which superficial fat tissue is “injected” back into the face to achieve a more youthful and tighter face. It is based on a patented method in which fat cells are removed from the abdomen, hip from a sterile method. This fat tissue contains mesenchymal stem cells and stromal vascular fraction which are also known as growth factors and stem cells. You inject these fat cells “back” into your face which can restore aging, volume loss.

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What is it used for:

SEFFILLER® can be used as soon as there are signs of volume loss in the face. Also consider skin aging such as wrinkles, sagging skin, furthermore the chin, jawline, and cheekbone can be restored.

The SEFFILLER® can usually be combined with other medical and cosmetic treatments such as fillers, botulinum toxin and other injectables.

How is the treatment going:

Under local anesthesia, superficial fat is taken from a part of the body through a safe cannula, and injected into the desired area, face, neck or hands.

You see the result almost immediately because of the fat you inject, then after 2 months the regenerative effect starts to become visible. Because of the growth factors, collagen also increases. This leads to tight and radiant skin.

After treatment:

Take a few hours of rest and avoid all moderate to strenuous physical activity; ●Strictly adhere to any prescribed drug treatment; ●Do NOT REMOVE bandages; ●Avoid sunlight and tanning beds for at least 7 days after treatment; ●Please have check-ups recommended by the doctor; ●Mild bleeding, seen by small blood spots on the dressing at the harvest site, is normal for the first 12 hours; ●In case of doubt or a problem, contact your doctor immediately.

How many treatments?

The advice is to do one treatment per year or every other year so that the long-term effect remains. By the way, the result is different in each individual and the wishes are also different for each client.

Are there any more questions?

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