About Beauty Clinic

BeautyClinic Global uses the best brands available in the cosmetic industry, such as Restylane fillers, Azzalure botulinum toxin, and Profilho. The PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) from Arthrex is also among the best. These products are highly affordable, and we offer monthly promotions on various treatments.

Our physicians

BeautyClinic Global strives to work with a consistent physician, namely Dr. Vinesh Bansi, as much as possible. Dr. Bansi is an experienced physician who knows the clients and can better fulfill their desires as a result.

Vinesh Bansi

Cosmetic physician

I am Dr. Vinesh Bansi, a cosmetic physician at my clinic, Beauty Clinic in The Hague. I studied Medicine at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After graduating, I specialized in various cosmetic medical procedures. I regularly attend conferences and seminars both domestically and internationally to stay up to date with the latest developments in my field of expertise.

Fully aware of the fact that a healthy and good appearance plays an important role in life, I strive for a balanced look that aligns with the desires of my clients. During the consultations prior to the treatments, I provide advice based on the goals, age, and desired appearance of the clients.

An approachable doctor is scarce but so necessary. That is why I am approachable for advice. BIG 09919685501

Dr. Janki

Surgeon in training

Dr. Janki (MD, Ph.D) completed her medical degree at Erasmus University in Rotterdam in 2012. From 2012 to 2016, she conducted research, which resulted in her Ph.D. in 2016. Since 2018, she has been a surgical trainee and has been working in the hospital’s surgery department for several years. Additionally, she is certified in performing injectable treatments. During a consultation, she will discuss your desires and create a personalized treatment plan. With her keen eye for detail and surgical skills, she can effectively translate your goals into the desired outcome.

BIG number: 69915314401 (Resident in Surgery) Working days: Thursday and Saturday Location: The Hague

Dr. Sarikaya


Let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Emine Sarikaya and I have been working as a beautician for over eight years with a lot of knowledge and passion for the profession. You can contact me for various treatments: from permanent hair removal to result-oriented skin treatments for skin care, skin aging, acne, pigmentation, among others. My goal is to achieve visible results and get the best out of your skin in a short time in an expert and professional manner. Skin care requires a personal and expert approach. The treatments I do are partially reimbursed by the health insurance company. For an appointment please send an email or call.

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