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What is a Threadlift

A thread lift is performed using PDO (polydioxanone) threads. These threads are commonly used for sutures in regular surgeries, gynecology, and ophthalmology. The threads can provide subdermal firming and are particularly suitable for lifting the eyebrows, cheeks, face, neck, and décolleté.

Both treatments produce beautiful effects; the doctor can best inform you.

The major difference between PDO and APTOS that APTOS contains threads of PLLA and hyaluronic acid, these threads last for over 18 months and in addition to tight lifting skin, they also provide volume and beautiful skin. Usually the effect is 3 years.

How the treatment proceeds:

A PDO thread lift treatment typically lasts around 30 minutes per zone. The exact times may vary depending on the areas being treated.

How sustainable is the treatment?

First, a consultation is performed. During the treatment, the face is completely cleaned and anesthetized. The thread is inserted under the skin with an injection needle. Depending on the type of prolapse, the doctor uses the appropriate thread. The treatment is done under local anesthesia. Na de behandeling: Er wat zwelling zijn, ongeveer na 2 weken zullen de plooien van het gelaat strak gestreken raken. U mag verder niet zonnebaden geen make up opzetten, geen sauna of zonnebank wordt de eerste 2 weken na de behandeling. Verder voor 2 weken niet intensief sporten. Er volgt een controle na 2 weken

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PDO THREADSStarting from €400
APTOS Eyebrow lift / Cat-Eye lift€900,-
APTOS FACE LIFT with Eyebrow lift€1900
APTOS FACE LIFT with NECK and Eyebrow lift€2500,-
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