Free consultation hair transplantation

Drs. V.R.L Bansi will take pictures of your hair loss and send them to our team in Istanbul, Turkey. The treatments will take place there. Our team consists of hair transplantation experts and doctors. They will inform you about the right treatment and the best technique based on your condition to get a hair transplantation in Turkey for an affordable price .

For a free review and online hair transplantation consultation you can request a free consultation,

We offer the next all inclusive packages:
Hair transplantation + check up on the second day
• 1 PRP+ shampoo + lotion + neck pillow
• 3 nights hotel stay including breakfast
Transfers in Istanbul

We have the following treatments and indications:
Hairtransplantation head with FUE technique (with ‘Sapphire blades’)
Hairtransplantation head with DHI (choi pens) technique. With this technique only the donor area will be shaved.
Hairtransplantation for women,  this is exclusive the DHI technique.




Sapphire blades
v.a. € 2000,-

haartransplantatie tot 4000 grafts

v.a. € 2000,-

haartransplantatie tot 4000 grafts

Haartransplantatie voor vrouwen
v.a.€ 2000,-
middels DHL
v.a. € 2000,-
v.a.€ 2000,-
v.a.€ 2000,-

Prijswijzigingen en drukfouten voorbehouden

Advice is that all hairtransplantations need a PRP treatment for the best results. This is included as standard in Istanbul, after that you can get 2 treatments from 1 of our doctors in the Netherlands. The PRP ensures that the implanted hairs remain stronger and do not fall out.

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