BeautyClinic Global uses the best brands available in the cosmetic industry, think about the Restylane fillers, azzalure botox and profhilo. Arthrex’s PRP is also among the best. The products are also very affordable and we have a promotion every month on every other treatment.
Beautyclinic Global works with a regular doctor with years of experience who knows the clients and can therefore better fulfill their wishes. Vinesh Bansi. A regular doctor with years of experience who knows the clients and can therefore better fulfill their wishes.
Sufficient time is always planned for the free intake and also for the treatment. Despite our affordable prices for treatment, we will never compromise on quality. We also have evening consultations and treatments for working patients who are unable to attend in the afternoon or evening.


Cosmetical doctor

I’m Drs. VInesh Bansi, cosmetic doctor at my clinic, Beauty Clinic The Hague. I studied medicine at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After graduating, I specialized in various cosmetic medical procedures. Both at home and abroad, I attend conferences and seminars to keep abreast of the latest developments within my specialization.

Fully aware of the fact that a healthy and good appearance plays an important role in life, I strive for a balanced appearance that suits the wishes of my clients. During the conversation prior to the treatments, I advise based on the objectives, age and (desired) appearance.

An approachable doctor is scarce but so necessary. That is why I am available for advice, so if you have any questions, you can contact me personally on 06 508 631 01 (If I am not able to answer, I will contact you at a later time.)

Working days Mon until sat
Location The Hague, Almere, Rotterdam
BIG 0991 9685501

(MD, Ph.D)

Dr. Janki (MD, Ph.D) completed her study medicine in 2012 at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She did PhD research from 2012-2016, which resulted in her PhD (Ph.D) in 2016. She has been a surgeon in training since 2018 and has worked for years in the hospital in the surgery department. n addition, she is certified in the implementation of injectables. During a consultation she will discuss your wishes and put together a personal treatment plan With her sharp eye for detail and surgical skills, she can perfectly translate these into the desired result.

BIG 69915314401 (Aios surgery)
Working days: Thurs and Sat
Location: The Hague

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